Let's Eat: A Simple Guide to Baby-Led Weaning [ebook] by Brandy Ann

Let's Eat: A Simple Guide to Baby-Led Weaning [ebook]

Learn the stress-free way to introduce first foods with baby-led weaning


Use this ebook to: 
  • Get started with baby-led weaning, step-by-step 
  • Discover what food to offer baby when - and what to avoid 
  • Get inspired byd age-appropriate meal ideas 
  • Build healthy habits to avoid picky eating - from day one! 

Why introduce solids the Baby-Led Weaning Way?

Baby-led weaning is simply letting your baby feed themselves as you introduce solids into their diet: baby learns about food at their own pace and decides how much and even how to eat. BLW focuses on sharing family foods rather than mushy purees. This means no spoon feeding, rewarding, pleading for ‘one more bite’. BLW is all about self-feeding that builds a positive mealtime experience. There are so many benefits:

  • Less stress for you and baby. Why steam and puree on top of what you're making for the rest of the family for dinner? And let's face it, pleading with baby to take another bite at every meal does take a toll on your patience. BLW lets you focus on choosing and preparing food for the whole family, and lets baby focus on the feeding. 
  • More developmental fun. All of the tastes, textures, smells and sights of food are there for your baby to explore with their little hands, mouth, tongue and teeth (or gums!). Baby can build on their sensory development while they get to know foods in all their forms. 
  • Build brave little taste buds. Introducing a wide variety of flavours and textures can set your little one up for adventurous eating. With BLW, variety is the name of the game - even spice, garlic and bitter green veg! While 'fussy' phases are unavoidable, most babes will return to the flavours of their first foods. 
  • A focus on family meal time. Encouraging baby to tuck in with family meal time builds the association of meal time as an opportunity for social bonding, another healthy habit to build. They will also take cues from the rest of the family: table manners, conversation, eating habits and routines. So model your best :)  
  • Build a healthy relationship with food. A shocking 20% of 2-11 year olds are considered obese. Letting little ones decide when they are hungry and when they are full can build their own sense of appetite control - which is why studies have shown that baby-led weaning leads to leaner kids. 
  • Build baby's confidence. Letting baby lead feeding develops their budding independence and confidence. Cajoling baby into 'one more bite' is not only tiring for parents, but also teaches baby that they don't understand their own hunger. BLW trusts that baby can guide parents on their food needs.  

What's included?

Let's Eat is packed with information, tips and a quick-start guide - everything you need to know to give your baby a nutritious start to solids, the baby-led weaning way. Here's what you'll learn:

The Baby-Led Weaning Mindset
  • Letting Go and Letting Baby Lead: A mantra for mealtimes
  • How baby-led weaning differs from traditional feeding
  • The benefits (and drawbacks) of BLW
  • Can I combine purees and BLW? How?

Prepare Baby for First Foods
  • Signs of readiness for first foods
  • Readiness myths and truths
  • Common questions and worries about readiness

Give Baby a Nutritious Start to Solids
  • How to Maintain Milk Feeds While Introducing Foods
  •  All About Iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin D
  • Creating Balanced Meals
  • How Much and How Often?
  • Should I Choose Organics? Store-bought or Homemade?

Best First Foods
  • BLW Foods List: Stock your pantry, fridge and freezer!
  • Foods to Avoid 
  • Food Size and Shape Matters
  • Water, Milk or Juice?

Making Mealtimes Safe
  • Safe Food Prep & Storage  
  • About Gagging and Choking - And What To Do 
  • What a Safe Eating Environment Looks Like 
  • Allergies and Food Intolerances

Get Started, Step-by-Step
  • Get the gear 
  • First foods day!
  • First month of foods
  • Second month of foods and beyond 
  • Ages and stages: what to expect

Solve First Foods Challenges
  • Constipation 
  • Appetite, fussiness and Food Fads
  • The mess
  • Teething
  • Eating out at restaurants and food on-the-go 
  • Balancing milk and food 

Meal Planning for the Whole Family
  • Meal prep tips to save time
  • Finding a new routine 
  • Stocking your freezer and pantry 
  • + BONUS Meal planning template!

Recipes & Easy Meal Ideas
  • Breakfast 
  • Lunch 
  • Dinner 
  • Snacks and Smoothies

Ready to wean?

Download the ebook instantly (use the 'GET ACCESS' button below), and use it on any device that reads PDFs. You'll have everything you need to get started with introducing solids today, the baby-led weaning way. 

What's included?

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